Photo Archive

Our photo archive is an ongoing project which will be updated regularly as we receive and scan more photos. Many of the photos we have received are unlabeled and undated - we don’t know who is pictured and when they were taken! Any help from our visitors is welcome.

Do you have photos of activities and events at St. Barts? Please contact and we’ll be happy to pick up your photos and scan them for publication on this website!

1937 Church construction

Various: set 1

Various: set 2

Various: set 3

19?? Dedication Mass & Party

1980’s - Church Photos

1984 Apse Rebuild

1990/??/?? Night at the Races

1991-92 Banner Presentations

1991/05/?? Women’s Guild “Here Comes The Bride”

1991/10/12 Fr. Cerny Installation and Reception

1991/10/26 Spook House

1992 SPRED Group

1992/05/?? May Crowning

1992/08/23 Dinner Dance 

1994 Choir Picnic

2005/08/19 Convent Chapel Mass

2011 School and Reunion

2014/10/28 Apse Teardown